Gemstone Reference Guide

Below is a Gemstone reference guide summarizing some of the naturally inherent power each stone is “believed” to convey. This is not medical advice. Please do your own research.

The Power of Stones

Gemstone Reference Guide

African Bloodstone- Enhances healing and confidence

Agate- Enhances perception and strength

African Turquoise- Awakens purpose and wisdom

Amber- Reduces Pain and Negative Energy

Amazonite- Enhances calm and freedom of expression

Amethyst- Reduces stress and irritability

Black Spinel- Rejuvenates the body and aids in detoxification

Citrine- Used as a spiritual cleanser

Coral- Enhances peace and aids in transformation of thought

Emerald- a stone of great vision and intuition. Invigorates thought

Ethiopian Opal- Known as the Eye Stone for it’s brilliance and beauty. It’s believed to Increase your connection with nature and your purpose for life.

Hematite - Reduces negative energy and increases creative thought

Jade- Enhances strength, passion, and warrior energy

Jasper- Enhances balance and absorbs negative energy

Labradorite- Stone of transformation

Lapis Lazuli- Enhances peace and intuition

Lava Stone- Grounds and calms MoonStone- Enhances perspectives and balances emotions

Obsidian- A warrior stone in ancient world

Onyx- Enhances strength and discipline

Pietersite- Enhances fearlessness and self-realization

Red Garnet- Enhances sensuality and passion

Sapphire - Stone of wisdom

Tourmaline- Increases self-confidence and reduces tension

Tigers Eye- Enhances mental clarity and focus